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A Semente - trailler

The video The seed brings together current debates on nature, extinction, collective memory and historical production by connecting them to the artist's family memory and to one of the events that marked the history of the occupation of the Amazon and the development of world industry: the extraction of latex for the production of rubber from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber tree. The video The Seed links the life of the tree to the human and non-human lives transformed by its discovery in the newly industrialised world. Like a storyteller who needs to keep the thread of life burning through memory, the artist's voice traverses a complex web of events in which the visible and the invisible intertwine, bringing us to another reading of the present and of Nature. Between shipwrecked stories and the memories of a body in constant displacement, the artist welcomes language as a way of giving new meaning to the trauma of history, opening herself to listening to the territories on which these multiple and polyphonic narratives are inscribed.

(Text written by Yana Tamayo for the exhibition Natural Theology at Le Cube art center in Rabat, Morocco. September 2022)