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Whispering Walls
Whispering Walls

{"Whispering Walls" is a project developed in partnership with the tunesian artist Raffa Bacha. As a foreigner in Tunisia it was essential for me to work with a local artist. I could not have discovered this universe of Sidi Bou Said without the help of Raffa.} Sidi Bou Said is a town in northern Tunisia located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis. The entire town is located on top of a steep cliff, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The town got its name from a Sufi who lived there in the 12th century and established a sanctuary.

During the exhibition the Marabou space functioned as a place of encounter with the invisible life of the village Sidi Bou Said. A place where the voices of the residents were amplified. When people entered the space of the mausoleum they listened to all narrators talking at once. Just a big buzz like what you hear in the streets and cafes of the city. To hear the stories clearly, one needed to lean closely to the wall with the ear at some little holes, like listening to a whispered secret.


(Video about the project: alinadalva.com/artwork/3116609_Whisperi? Whispering Walls|)